Schedule Instructional Technology Coaching time with David Kalk

Please select the type of meeting you would like to schedule.

Check-in with Coach

This is a quick 15-20 minute check-in to see how things are going, to answer some quick questions, etc.

(20 minutes)

Lesson Planning

After you send me your plan for your lesson, we can sit down together to talk about it, bounce ideas around, talk about ways to integrate the technology into your lesson as needed.

(30 minutes)

Lesson Observation

This is where you are asking for specific feedback from me about a lesson. This can be a lesson we plan together or a lesson you want me to see.

(1 hour)

Modeling / Co-teaching

This is where I work with you on a lesson and either model the technology for your students or we co-teach the lesson together.

(1 hour)

Lesson Debrief

Once you have had your lesson, schedule your lesson debrief where we can talk about how the lesson went, discuss the feedback you requested, and look forward to our next steps.

(30 minutes)